• Description
  • Landscape Development of J.V.S.L Airport Terminal Building, Toranagallu, Karnataka

  • Challenges
  • The township of Jindal Steel Private Limited comprises sprawling 450 acres of undulating land at the foothills of Hospet, in close proximity to Hampi, the famous ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire.

    The private airstrip of Jindal Steels has been upgraded to provide air links to Hampi from Mumbai. The landscape along the runway and parking strip has been carefully placed horizontally with no features higher than 3-4 meters so as to provide visual clearance and turning facility to the aeroplane. Layers of ornamental shrubs with borders contrasting with the lawn in soft lines lend softness to the geometric open spaces.

    The entrance has been designed with a Water feature i.e. a sculpture in a lawn lined with ornamental shrubs. The car parking has been with fast-growing shade-giving plants which are perennial flowering. Thus overall attempt has been a minimalistic colourful landscape that is ever-changing with the seasons to provide visual stimulation all year round.

  • Location
  • Karnataka
    Part of Project: Landscaping

  • Date
  • Start Date: 08-19-2005
    End Date: 08-21-2008

  • Status
  • Completed

  • Client Name
  • Jindal Steels Private Limited